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Luigie’s Auto Service is a family-owned and operated full-service garage. We offer everything from auto repair and maintenance to detailing and customization. Our expert technicians are well-versed in a multitude of services, ranging from simple oil changes to complex transmission rebuilds.

Auto Repair

Our technicians have over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. With in-depth knowledge of foreign and domestic vehicles, we are more than capable of fulfilling your auto repair needs.

Roadside Services

We aim to have you back on the road quickly and efficiently with our roadside assistance service. Our technicians are equipped with everything needed to get your vehicle up and running in no time.

Custom Work

Your vehicle should match your personality. Our auto repair technicians offer everything from touch-ups to lift kits and custom exhaust systems. Allow your vehicle the attention it deserves from onlookers with our help.

Meet Luigie

Owner Luigie Alverio

Luis Alverio (Luigie)

Owner / Service Technician

Born and raised in Humacao, Puerto Rico, Luigie developed his passion for auto repair at an early age. Spending hours in his father’s garage studying each vehicle’s mechanics, Luigie’s passion flourished. On June 29, 2013, Luigie’s Auto Service officially opened its doors. He envisioned this exact moment since his first auto repair in his father’s garage and though the journey was not easy, it was one worth taking.

In the years since the business opened, Luigie has learned what it takes to run a successful auto repair business while maintaining a loyal customer base. He maintains a practice that is honesty-driven, because building a relationship is part of every repair. At Luigie’s Auto Service you are considered family, not just a customer.

Transmission Installs
Engine Installs
Total Repairs

Services overview

Brake Service

Servicing your brakes is one of the most important auto repairs. In Florida’s high humidity and frequent rain, brakes need to be checked more often. We help you stay safe on the road whether you have brake pads, brake shoes, or need new rotors.


Preventative maintenance can save you thousands in auto repairs over time. Our wide variety of maintenance packages ensures that you’re getting exactly what you need in a costly manner. Keep your vehicle in its best shape and avoid costly repairs down the line with our maintenance packages.

Diagnostic Services

Understanding the codes or blinking lights on your vehicle’s dashboard can be confusing. Our technicians can determine what’s going on with an electrical or computer diagnosis. From loose wires to computer malfunctions, we can identify and solve each problem.

Oil change

Full-service oil changes are one of our specialties. We even include inspections for leaks, flat tires, and fluid levels with every oil change.

System Flush

Often overlooked, system flush services prevent damage to your vehicle’s engine, transmission, and brakes. Take advantage of our Brake Flush, Coolant Flush, Power-steering Flush, and Transmission Flush to help your vehicle last longer and perform better.


Air conditioning is a must have in the intense Florida heat. Avoid the torment and potential suffocation hazard by keeping your vehicle’s a/c running smoothly. Our auto repair experts offer a variety of services to keep you and your vehicle cool year-round.

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