I received great service here. The shop is very clean and the staff are extremely helpful. The service was fast and he even checked a few other things on my car before I left. I would def recommend taking your car for any service. I'll be taking my car here from now on.
Cameron D.


I just moved here from Miami and my car needed some work asap! The hub bearing was messed up on my driver side. Luis took my car for a quick drive and could tell right away what was wrong. He was very helpful and took the time to explain and show me and my boyfriend what the problem was. Very satisfird with the honesty and good pricing. The whole thing took about an hour, an hour and a half. The shop is very nice and well kept. I most definatly will be coming back here and reccomend this shop to anyone in need of a good mechanic.
Kimberly H.


This guy was awesome! My wife broke down far away from home in the early morning and Luigie got her taken care of as soon as AAA got our vehicle there. He pushed aside other vehicles that were not a rush to make room for her. She felt like this business really cares about the people that come in. Plus he was a lot cheaper than others in the area. A win-win for everyone as we will come back again for maintenance items. Thanks for taking care of my wife! Give him your car...not all your money! You'll be glad you came here!
Shawn Briel


Not only did the guy quote me a super low price and beat everyone else to get the job but he also go me in and out the same day! Within an hour and I'm on my way with a new starter! Service with a smile! Very pleased with the service here and will definitely be back for any future repairs!
keyboard warrior


Responsibility, guarantee, best mechanic available. Definetely recomended.
Myrtelina Romero


My parents had taken their car to another shop to get an oil change and were told they desperately needed to get new brakes. My dad wasn't convinced, so they waited. I told them to take the car to Luigie's Auto Service. Luigie informed them that the brakes still had several months to go before they needed to be changed. That type of honesty is priceless today. After that, we only bring our cars to Luigie's! Despite it being a 45 min drive from Deltona, knowing we get honest service is worth it! Great prices, friendly staff and above all else, honest mechanics! Who can ask for anything more.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about this business! Luigie is a wonderful, kind man that is truly concerned with getting your vehicle fixed, and getting safely back out on the road.

I called Luigie around 8:30 a.m. asking if I needed an appointment. He said yes and asked what time I could bring my car in. At the time I wasn't certain when the tow company would arrive so he told me to call him back when I knew the vehicle would arrive. I informed him as soon as I heard from the tow company, which was only 90 minutes later, and he said no problem, bring it in.

As someone on a VERY tight budget at the moment I was scared with what my diagnosis would be considering my car wouldn't start and I knew it was more than the battery. When I arrived he checked my car out and was able to tell me what was wrong within 20 minutes. He even went above and beyond to give me any deal he could given my current situation.

I was shocked when just 2.5 hours he called to let me know the car was already done! He replaced my alternator, car battery, and repaired a coil leak for fractions of what I would've paid anywhere else. Luigie is truly a very nice guy and concerned with getting his customers on their way safely. I will never go to another mechanic and would recommend him to anyone who needs one!
Bailey C.


The first time my car broke down, the engine misfired, with broken valves and one compressor that was completely not working (no idea what that meant until then). I don't know much about cars but I could tell it was serious. Luigie's shop was recommended to me by a good friend and when I went there, the service was simply amazing. They made me feel reassured about the condition of my car, gave me options, a fare estimate, and an expedited services. When I was told by other places that my car would need at least one week to be fixed, Luigie's gave me back my car at a 100% within 3 days.

In summary, I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Excellent service, friendly people, great prices and safe environment.

Anne Victor


Great place it was my 1st time there Today.

Took my girlfriend's car there because she needed an oil change, brake pads were squealing and I had hooked up a code reader and seen a code about her 4th piston/cylinder.

The oil change was $10 less than the place she normally takes it. The pads were fine, probably just dust getting into them. The diagnostics code wasn't bad, we went over it and he showed me how to troubleshoot it myself if need be.

Luigi was a real nice guy I definitely recommend taking your car to his shop.

D.E. Brenner


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